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Suboxone Clinic In San Jose, CA

Opioid addiction is serious. We understand the dangers and painful withdrawal symptoms that come with quitting opioids. Getting your life back on track is possible after opioid addiction. At Preventative Medicine, Inc in San Jose, CA, our focus is on providing a safe, judgment-free environment to treat opioid addictions effectively through medication-assisted therapy.

What is a suboxone clinic?

Quitting opioids on your own is incredibly challenging, as this powerful painkiller can cause intense withdrawal symptoms that can often lead individuals to relapse. What makes our suboxone clinic so successful is that we prescribe a buprenorphine medication (e.g. Suboxone), which will ease the withdrawal symptoms to reduce the risk for relapse. While suboxone is not designed to give you the same euphoric feeling you may experience on opioids, it will provide what the brain needs to ease cravings and other withdrawal symptoms you’re experiencing.

Do you provide counseling?

Medication is only one part of the recovery process here at Preventative Medicine, Inc. At our suboxone clinic, medication is prescribed in conjunction with behavioral therapy, which will provide patients with the ongoing support they need to make kicking their addiction a success. Therapy allows patients to open up about their addiction, and our team can also create and implement strategies and effective coping mechanisms to help individuals lead healthy, drug-free lives. The psychological and emotional support provided by behavioral therapy can be incredibly effective for helping people through addiction.

Should I turn to a suboxone clinic?

Our suboxone clinic has helped countless individuals living in and around the San Jose, CA, area stop their addiction to opioids. Struggling with opioid addiction is life-threatening but turning to a suboxone clinic can provide you with the care, support, and monitoring you need to get your addiction under control. We are dedicated to helping those around us recover from opioid addiction not just physically, but also emotionally, socially, and psychologically. We understand the unique challenges and concerns of our patients, and we seek to provide personalized care based on each person’s unique needs.

If you or a loved one is dealing with opioid addiction in the San Jose, CA, area, know that you aren’t alone. Help is here. Call Preventative Medicine, Inc today at (408) 992-5141 to learn more about our suboxone clinic and how it could benefit you.

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