Preventive Health Screening Specialist

As a board certified radiologist, Dr. Sepideh Moayed, has spent more than two decades diagnosing disease processes. She offers comprehensive on-site preventive health screening services to monitor your short-term and long-term health goals. Disease prevention through recommended health screenings and lifestyle modification put you at the center of your own health and make you feel empowered. You will receive comprehensive assessment & diagnostic testing to identify the root cause of your illness-not a mere "quick fix" to your symptoms, should there be health conditions requiring prompt treatment.

How can Preventative Medicine Inc help me with disease prevention?

Dr. Sepideh Moayed is adept at various screening modalities including mammography (BI-RADS), lung cancer screening (LUNG-RADS) , liver cancer screening (LI-RADS), prostate cancer screening (PI-RADS) findings and their implication when it comes to disease burden. Dr. Moayed is uniquely qualified to make further recommendations for additional imaging according to the American College of Radiology Appropriateness Criteria guidelines. Dr. Moayed uses imaging as a powerful educational tool to motivate her patients to continue with their life long journey of health and peace of mind.

What preventive health screenings are available?

At Preventative Medicine Inc. Dr. Moayed utilizes a wide variety of preventive health screening services to identify the root cause of conditions like:

  • Metabolic Syndromes and Insulin Resistance
  • Inflammation: Systemic and Neurodegenerative Manifestations
  • Chronic fatigue and Autoimmune Spectrum Conditions
  • High blood pressure
  • Cardiovascular and Cardiopulmonary Diseases
  • Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia
  • Cognitive Health Cultivation
  • Gut Health Cultivation
  • Immune System Strengthening
  • Detailed Genetic Testing and Epigenetics Analysis

Detailed, personalized and holistic approach along with diagnostic, genetic labs and imaging when warranted are utilized to evaluate the effects of poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, and high stress cortisol burden on a patient's physical, mental and social health. Likewise, inflammation reduction, immune system strengthening, cognitive cultivation and health optimization are apparent when patient's chronic pain, migraine and myriad other signs and symptoms decrease and/or cease.

What can I expect during my preventive health screening?

During your preventive health screening, Dr. Sepideh Moayed reviews in detail and with a personalized precision, your personal medical history, past medical history, biopsychosocial history, prior traumatic events, past and present life or work stressors, relationship contributors, sleep hygiene, medications and supplements, family medical history, genetics and older records to evaluate your risk factors for certain diseases. Based on this comprehensive interaction, Dr. Moayed will make additional screening or treatment recommendations. Most of the encountered medical issues can be addressed by Dr. Sepideh Moayed's highly personalized, integrative treatment plan which puts you at the center of your health and highly implementable. Lifestyle modification and evidence based behavioral support will make your success achievable and sustainable.

If you have a family history of chronic disease or need diagnostic preventive health screenings, schedule an appointment with Preventative Medicine Inc. today by calling the office at (408) 992-5141

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