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Certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine, Dr. Moayed is certified to offer and implement comprehensive integrative health including motivational interviewing techniques, Gestalt therapy, guided imagery, CBT and twelve step facilitation to help you change your thought patterns and behaviors to improve your overall health. She treats the whole person utilizing individualized therapies and mindfulness exercises to help your body heal from the inside out.  Her mind-body-spirit approach aligns you with your physical, mental, and behavioral health goals. She believes that treatment of all three simultaneously can result in a logarithmic result when it comes to health revitalization. Schedule an integrative medicine consultation at Preventative Medicine Inc. by phone today.

Integrative Medicine Q&A

What is integrative health?

Integrative medicine is health care that emphasizes the whole of an individual. It takes into account your ACE scores, your distant past or recent traumas, diseases conditions, your socioeconomic, career and relational challenges, and your sense of self and sense of place in society and the universe.

The goal of integrative health is to develop a life preserving and self honoring approach to your overall health by effectively balancing your physical, mental. social and relational health needs.  

What can I expect during my integrative medicine consultation?

Dr. Moayed takes unprecedented time to assess your specific mind-body-spirit health needs. She review your medical history and personal goals to determine the best methods for revitalizing your overall health and wellness.

The Preventative Medicine Inc. providers encourage you to take an active role in your medical health and incorporate strategies to help you find balanced health in other areas of your life, such as:

  • Socially
  • Culturally
  • Spiritually
  • Relationally
  • Psychologically

You will be provided with an effective health revitalization plan to ensure you thrive in all areas of your life and most importantly will have continuity of care to ascertain you have support along the way.

Some of the tools that have proven effective in integrative health

The Preventative Medicine Inc. staff uses a combination of the latest therapies based on your individual needs. Their primary goals in treatment include strategies to help you:

  • Master your mind
  • Heal your body
  • Implement positive behaviors
  • Become aware of triggering emotions

The team also offers genetic testing options through Genomind®. This type of testing assists the team in assessing the efficacy and cross-reactivity of different medications that may be beneficial to your treatment. Genetic testing can also minimize your risk of adverse drug interactions.

Individual treatment plans focus on healing your neural pathways — a process of rewiring your brain to address trauma in your past that’s affecting your physical and behavioral health.

Why is healing your neural pathways important?

Trauma in your past can increase your risk factors for developing chronic physical, mental, and behavioral disorders and diseases. Trauma, especially childhood trauma, can cause your brain to develop differently than other people.

Trauma can trigger intense feelings of anger or anxiety, and over time, it can become more difficult for you to stay in control of your emotions. For this reason, by working with the team at Preventative Medicine Inc. to heal your neural pathways, you can rewire your brain to improve its function.

As your neural pathways heal and brain function is once again balanced, you can enjoy a significant reduction in symptoms associated with behavioral and emotional issues that stem from past trauma. 

To learn more about the benefits of integrative medicine, schedule a consultation by phone by calling  (408) 992-5141 today with Preventative Medicine Inc.

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