Equanimity Medicine Specialist

To help you enjoy mind-body equanimity, Dr. Sepideh Moayed, designes a precision and personalized treatment plan for your unique, individual needs.  With a holistic mind-body approach, Dr. Moayed will help you achieve a higher quality of life while reducing daily stresses, fears, and anxieties. Each plan caters to your mind, body, and spiritual health and empowers you to make changes that revitalize your health in the long term. Learn more about the benefits of equanimity medicine by calling Preventative Medicine Inc. today.

Equanimity medicine

Equanimity is a term that describes mental calmness and an openness to finding peace in your life. By finding this calmness in your everyday life, you can effectively reduce your risk factors. Mental calmness and abstinence from harmful substances such as sugar, tobacco, alcohol, stimulants and other neuro destructive chemicals, can help significantly decrease systemic inflammation. Systemic inflammation and neuroinflammation are interchangeable and trigger cascades of disease processes leading to a variety of chronic health issues.

Dr. Sepideh Moayed takes an integrated, holistic and integrative approach to the entirety of the individual: their mind, soul, emotions, trauma, physical symptoms and genetics as well as everyday behaviors that can be modified for optimal health. Through education and mind training that brings about neuroplasticity, she will provide you with resources that boost your equanimity. The goal of each treatment is to help transform your health and support you during your metamorphosis to becoming a better you.

What can I expect during an equanimity medicine consultation?

Dr. Moayed utilizes a variety of techniques and therapeutics to bring focus and mindfulness to your individual lifestyle and needs. During your initial visit, Dr. Moayed will assess a variety of factors that impact your daily life including:

  • Job stressors and highlights
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Relationships
  • Physical health
  • Spiritual health
  • Social health
  • Legacy and your view of charitable acts

Based on your assessment, Dr. Moayed will creates an integrative plan that focuses on revitalizing your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Your plan includes learning mindfulness techniques, meditation, breathing exercises, gratitude acts and positive reinforcements that you can use on a daily basis to support whole mind-body-spirit health.

What are the benefits of equanimity medicine?

Equanimity medicine provides you with the tools you need to deal with stressful situations, negative thoughts, and challenges with a calm mind. With these tools, you are better equipped to navigate many aspects of your life, including:

  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Existing health conditions including chronic pain 
  • Personal journey and growth
  • Hidden artistic and creative skills

By empowering you to take control of your life, you can learn to live by choice rather than chance. You can also reduce your risk factors for chronic diseases that are directly linked to chronic stress and anxiety.

Equanimity medicine is an important component of preventive health care. It focuses on how your mental and emotional health impact your physical health and guides you towards a more peaceful and satisfying life.

Schedule your consultation today to learn how equanimity medicine benefits your total health and wellness. You can call Preventative Medicine Inc. to request a personalized consultation.

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