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Dr. Moayed is the Founder and Clinical director of the Preventative Medicine Inc. where she uses her decades long preventive, diagnostic & therapeutic skills to help with identification of root causes of disease-not just symptomatology. She focuses on the mind-body components of chronic disease prevention, autoimmune / immune modulation, inflammation reduction, cancer screening optimization and age related cognitive and cellular decline prevention. In addition to the in office ultrasonography, she utilizes the latest genetics & imaging tools as well as functional medicine guidelines to achieve the most accurate image of a patient's disease burden and behaviors that contribute to the disease process. Her integrative health approach has proven highly effective when it comes to managing the adrenal-pituitary-hypothalamus axis and prevention of stress induced chronic diseases such as stroke, hypertension, cardiac disease and metabolic syndromes. Her highly personalized, patient-centered and trauma informed approach has helped innumerable patients whose chronic diseases have improved by reduction of their harmful habits and compulsive behaviors / addictions. She believes that health optimization can be achieved when the mind-body-spirit axes are well aligned and work in concert.

At Bay Area's Preventative Medicine Inc. Dr. Moayed places her patients "at the helm of their health" while motivating them to become active participants in their health and wellness. Her approach aims to look for root cause of disease, disease prevention through education followed by implementation of action packed steps. Dr. Moayed uses the latest scientific research and functional medicine to help patients prevent disease by choosing health and behaviors than can ward off cascades of inflammatory pathways that instigate numerous chronic diseases. 80% of chronic diseases are preventable through lifestyle modification and knowledge of underlying genetics. Dr. Moayed helps you to stay motivated as you continue on your journey of health despite the body's aging process.

In addition to primary care, wellness and concierge integrative health medicine, Dr. Moayed relies on the value of mindfulness techniques, motivational strategies, and lifestyle modifications to synchronize the patient's body, mind, and spirit. Dr. Moayed uses the latest technologies such as ultrasonography, genetic testing-to better understand genetic variations, looks for the root cause of physical symptoms so as to uncover contributing behavioral factors that can support wellness rather than fuel illness.

As part of its equanimity approach to overall health and wellness, Dr. Moayed teaches her patients the interdependence of the the mind-body-spirit axis. She demonstrates that each one (mind or body or spirit) can only function when interacting with the other two and that one particular component cannot function or survive in and of itself. Health therefore needs to encompass the mind, the body and the spirit/soul of the individual. By promoting mental calmness and necessary lifestyle changes, she helps patients incorporate mindfulness techniques for addressing excess anxieties, fears, and anger issues in a safe, supportive environment.

Treating behavioral disorders is a significant part of disease prevention and treatment at Preventative Medicine, Inc. Dr. Moayed offers innovative solutions for substance abuse and addictions to gambling, shopping, and internet use. Treatment plans address the root cause of disease including chronic physical and mental health issues, chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, diabetes, obesity, and cardiac disease.

Preventative Medicine, Inc. offers routine and specialty physicals for sports and employment, customized wellness programs that focus on preventive health care screenings, nutrition psychoeducation, and weight management services.

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