Behavioral Health Specialist

At Preventative Medicine Inc. in San Jose, California, Sepideh Moayed, MD will provide you with personal and professional transformation services. Comprehensive stress management services, sleep architecture assessments / restructuring, and therapeutic solutions for addressing the contributing factors to your behavioral challenges will be optimized. Mindfulness techniques and mind-body connection tools to help you make lifelong changes to your physical and behavioral health and wellness. Schedule a behavioral health assessment today at Preventative Medicine Inc. by phone.

Behavioral Integrative Health

Comprehensive behavioral integrative health services using a multidisciplinary approach to address a variety of behavior-related health issues, including:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Addiction
  • Depression
  • Chronic pain
  • Sleep disorders
  • Anger management
  • Compulsive behaviors

Behavioral Health Impact on Overall Health

During your consultation, Dr. Moayed will complete a thorough assessment of your general physical health, your gut health where 90% of your neurotransmitters are made, your nutritional health, your emotional and mental history / health, your moods, your genetics and your behavioral concerns.

Your physician also reviews important aspects of your health and lifestyle, such as your relationships, hormone levels, and nutritional habits to learn more about the factors that contribute to your behavioral health. Your individualized treatment plan may also involve a combination of:

  • Medications
  • Neuro Supportive supplements 
  • Inflammation reduction supplements
  • Gut Health Treatment
  • Moderation or abstinence of substances or behaviors depending on your place on the readiness to change scale and substance use disorder spectrum
  • Group therapy
  • Mindful practices
  • Life skills coaching
  • Individual and family talk therapy

Dr. Moayed will support and guidance you as you make the necessary changes to your lifestyle, diet, and thought patterns to help you achieve long-lasting success. She will educate you and show fMRI images demonstrating the utility of mindful practices that dampen conditions like chronic inflammation so to reduce your risk factors for genetically inherited diseases. 

Dr. Moayed offers insurance supported genetic testing options through Genomind®. This type of testing assists her in assessing the efficacy and cross-reactivity of different psychotropic medications that may be beneficial to your treatment. Genetic testing can also minimize your risk of adverse drug interactions.

Individual treatment plans focus on healing your neural pathways — a process of rewiring your brain to address trauma in your past that’s affecting your physical and behavioral health.

Why is healing your neural pathways important?

Trauma in your past can increase your risk factors for developing chronic physical, mental, and behavioral disorders and diseases. Trauma, especially childhood trauma, can cause your brain and body to develop with certain neural pathway alterations. Addressing these deficiencies can help prevent mood disorders, addictions and chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

Trauma can trigger intense feelings of anger or anxiety, and over time, it can become more difficult for you to stay in control of your emotions. For this reason, healing your neural pathways, can help you rewire your brain to improve its function.

As your neural pathways heal and brain function is optimized, you can enjoy a significant reduction in symptoms associated with behavioral and emotional issues that stem from past trauma or life events you've endured. 

Why is epigenetics important to behavioral health?

Epigenetics is a focus of medicine that involves passing down certain behaviors to later generations through genetics. Trauma especially may play a role in the development of behavioral disorders later in life.

The team at Preventative Medicine Inc. offers treatment strategies to reverse the impact that genetically related trauma and behavioral issues may have on your life. The provider focuses on empowering you to transform your mind, body, and spirit while maintaining long-term mental calmness. 

The physicians provide therapeutic resources, nutritional guidance, and sleep architecture restructuring services that take into consideration your unique biological makeup. These methods support your own personal journey, addressing the behavioral issues and disorders that reduce your quality of life, your longevity, and your overall happiness

To learn more about the behavioral health services available at Preventative Medicine Inc., call the office.

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