What Is Functional Medicine and How Does It Work?

If you are interested in a healthcare approach that is patient-centered and emphasizes treating the whole person and not just certain symptoms, functional medicine is the answer. It combines practices from both Eastern and Western medicine, alternative medicine, and scientific diagnostic techniques to provide comprehensive healthcare. Dr. Sepideh Moayed, the board certified provider at Preventative Medicine Inc. in San Jose, CA, offers functional medicine so you can enjoy better health and wellness. 

Functional Medicine vs. Conventional Medicine

Conventional or traditional medicine focuses on treating symptoms and providing relief from them, but does not always treat the root cause. Functional medicine picks up where conventional medicine leaves off by seeking to also treat the underlying cause of a patient’s symptoms. Not only are patients’ symptoms alleviated, but treating the root cause helps prevent those same symptoms from reoccurring in the future. 

Another key difference between conventional and functional medicine is that the traditional approach views health as the absence of disease, while functional medicine emphasizes vitality. Conventional medicine also views the body as a collection of parts that operate independently of one another, while the functional model recognizes that the different components of the body operate as an integrated system. 

Functional medicine is patient-centered and offers a personalized approach to healthcare, whereas conventional medicine is disease centered and utilizes a generalized approach. Finally, while the traditional approach to medicine and healthcare is disease focused, functional medicine focuses on prevention of illness and disease.

How Functional Medicine Works

Functional medicine works by combining a variety of methods, techniques, and treatments from different medical models, including Western medicine, Eastern medicine, and alternative medicine. A primary goal of using functional medicine at our San Jose, CA, healthcare office is to help patients achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness by developing individualized plans tailored to individual needs. 

There are numerous benefits to utilizing a functional approach to medicine and healthcare. One of the key benefits is having more time with the doctor to discuss your health. Some of the things that will be explored during your time with the doctor include genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that could be affecting your health, and modifications that can be made to improve overall health and wellness.

Functional medicine is designed to help you enjoy optimal health and wellness by identifying and addressing the root cause of symptoms or issues in order to prevent additional problems in the future. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Moayed to learn more about the benefits of functional medicine by calling Preventative Medicine Inc. in San Jose, CA, at (408) 992-5141.

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