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  • Happy Mother's Day & Happy Father's Day Too ;)
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Happy Mother's Day & Happy Father's Day Too ;)

I wish you joy and serenity as you watch the reel of your mom's cherishable memories and/or get the opportunity to embrace her today.

To all the men, women, children and animals, today and every day: Happy Mother’s Day. It goes without saying that by default, it might as well be Happy Father’s Day. Whether we are scientifically inclined, theologically centered or artistically minded, we all agree that both halves are needed to make a whole here.

As many of us spend today celebrating, it is my humble prayer that those who are unable to be with their loved ones, are given the strength to bear their physical loss. I pray that this dimension known as time, does not take away the joy you feel when you think about the person who has passed on. Nor does the longing prevent you from smiling when you tap into the beauty and the memories they have filled your heart and life with.

Take care of yourself and your health, today and every day. It’s perhaps one of the greatest gifts you can give your mom-and dad-who created you and raised you. 

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