Benefits of Suboxone

Those interested in taking Suboxone (buprenorphine) treatment in San Jose, CA, at Preventative Medicine Inc. to overcome opioid addiction can rest assured that there are many benefits. As part of the recovery process, Dr. Sepideh Moayed utilizes this treatment, leading to reduced dependency, reduced risk of abuse, and reduced withdrawal symptoms.

Prevents Withdrawal Symptoms and Cravings

It can be frightening to withdraw from an opioid, especially if you've been using them for years. But it's possible to get through withdrawal safely. Your doctor may recommend medication-assisted treatment to help prevent cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

This type of therapy is proven to be effective at treating opioid addiction. Unfortunately, medication-assisted treatment is only available through federally licensed opioid treatment programs.

When you enter our clinic, you will be monitored by your medical team to ensure you do not experience severe withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms can last for days. However, most people will recover within a week or two.

In addition to physical symptoms, the psychological aspects of withdrawal can be challenging. For example, you may be nervous or anxious and not feel like entering a closed setting.

It Helps You Stay Sober

Our clinic can be an effective tool if you're thinking about getting sober. It can help you taper off opiates safely, prevent overdoses and boost your chances of staying sober. When quitting opioids, you'll want to go to therapy sessions and 12-step meetings. This will allow you to learn more about how you can achieve sobriety.

At our clinic, Dr. Moayed combines behavior therapy with your Suboxone treatment in San Jose, CA, while providing her patients with vital ongoing support.

Is It Safer Than Methadone?

Buprenorphine and methadone are two types of opioids used to treat addiction to these drugs. However, they have different characteristics, so choosing one over the other depends on your needs and circumstances.

Methadone is a more potent opioid. In addition, it is a long-acting drug that can stay in the body for days. In contrast, buprenorphine is a partial opioid agonist, which binds to the same brain parts as methadone but acts less powerfully, making it less likely to be abused. On the other hand, methadone can also lead to overdose and is much more likely to lead to physical dependence than buprenorphine. 

Nevertheless, both drugs are opioids, so they can potentially cause an overdose and must be administered by your doctor. However, methadone is more potent than buprenorphine, so patients taking both medications are at a higher risk for an overdose.

Call Preventative Medicine Inc. at (408) 992-5141 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Moayed as the first-step recovery with Suboxone treatment in San Jose, CA.

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